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Every one struggles with different motivation and reaching their goal.Motivation is processes that iniates guides maintains goal oriented behaviour.Motivation is what causes us to act. We focus on training and development. Our aim is to create proffesional and exemplary soft skill trainees via life coach we transform peoples life globally through our innovative coaching solutions.

Mr Chum

Mr.Chum is a friend to help you to achieve your aims. As the name says Mr.Chum is a good friend for you to provide success and happiness in your proffesional and personal life

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History is simple to remind people 'Who we are'. Mr.Chum started up by a team work of group of guys who have proffessional talents in IT,Marketing & Training. Mr.Chum is your friend who is there in time , your needs are done at your time.

Our first startup named Rightinfo was established on 11th NOV 2011 in service oriented sector. As the name says we tried to deliver right information in almost all field. A few were Data Entry, Advertisment,Social media promotion, Training & Development and Job fest coordination. In 2015 we started professional training in Sales & Motivation, also we conducted different training coordinations accros Kerala. Our training and programs were successful till date. Our successful achievements in this field inspierd us to extend our service into online Job portal area by Oct 2016. It reached us to start our website named 'mrchum.com' and it was logged on by Mr.Hibi Eden MLA on 1st May 2017.

We provide daily updates which brings success in life for youths.

Why Chum

To attain a goal we have to select the right path and now we are the path of a global life good deeds done may bring good results fruitful to others also. Each and every induval has bought certain qualities in order to push it out someone needs a guidance.In order to achieve success in life we may have strong desires, effective training leaves each induval with a strong desire to achieve best in their personal and proffesional life. Our services provide you with effective training develop and motivate high ambitions and helps to acquaint with good and energetic thoughts and desires. We design training programs with utmost care that enable and transform the participant to achieve their best.

Our Services

Training and Coordination Programs.
1. Success Designing Program (By MADHU BHASKARAN)

Life is a choice. You can design your life as per your desire. Every human being is born with great capabilities. But most of them do not explore the potential. Madhu Bhaskaran inspires you to explore your own potential by using the success principles. It transforms your life. It give new outlook on your life. He explains all things in his unique simple and humorous way of presentation. It contains

  • What are the importance and dynamics of personal change?
  • Why do we resist change?
  • Importance of sincerity or commitment in profession, family and personal life.
  • What are the principles of success?
  • You are responsible for your destiny.

Anybody who wants to succeed in life can participate.

2. Professional Sales Program (By MADHU BHASKARAN)

Sales is the second highest paid profession in the world. We can see sales aspects in all the professions. Madhu Bhaskaran deals with all aspects of sales. The sales training includes:

  • Psychology of sales
  • Seven steps of sales process
  • How to handle objections constructively
  • Buying signals
  • Various closing techniques.
  • Importance of Customer Relationship
  • Effective communication
  • Importance of body language in sales

This is suitable for any person who is involved in sales- counter sales, field sales, insurance, direct sales etc.

3. Business Development Program (By MADHU BHASKARAN)

Business development program (BDP) is an educational and professional development program for business people to develop their business thinking, tools and strategies required for professional business development. Non-professional approach to business is the main reason for most failed business organizations. BDP deals with

  • Business mindset and Employee mindset
  • Importance of systems in business
  • Important business management tools
  • Analysing tangible and intangible elements of business
  • People management skills
  • Customer relationship strategies
  • Financial lessons of business

This training helps the business people- small and medium organizations- to rediscover their business and make strategic planning for future growth. They can understand the professional approach towards the business.

This training is suitable for business people, new entrepreneurs, management students and people who like to start a business.

4. Financial Education (By MADHU BHASKARAN)

Financial education is very important for the success. In our school we teach physics, chemistry, biology etc. to the students, but never teach about financial wisdom. Prudent handling of finances is very important factor in life. Lack of financial education is one of the main reasons for the poverty.

In our financial education session, we teach basic personal finance lessons, daily simple and practical accounting methods, family budget, financial plan, investment strategies, asset creation, etc.

After the training, participants will understand their faults in their financial management. They learn basic financial lessons and correct strategies in financial dealing for their future.

5. Time Management (By BAIJU PAM)

Time Management Training Program is designed to help employees significantly improve productivity by learning to manage time more efficiently. Moreover, effective time management is one skill that is critical for all leaders.

  • Time Management Skills
    • Task Listing
    • Task Prioritizing
    • Task Scheduling
  • Importance of Time Management
  • Effective Time Management Tips
6. CTH (Change your Thoughts for Happiness) Training Program (By BAIJU PAM)

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.
- Buddha

  • Thought Management.
  • Positive Thinking.
  • Powers of Subconscious Mind
  • Mind Reprogramming.
  • Mind & Relationship.
7. Personal Goal Setting (By BAIJU PAM)

'Planning to Live Your Life Your Way'

How to Set a Goal

First consider what you want to achieve, and then commit to it. Set SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that motivate you and write them down to make them feel tangible. Then plan the steps you must take to realize your goal, and cross off each one as you work through them.

8. Relationship Management (By BAIJU PAM)

(Family, Social and Business)

Success at work requires us to build effective relationships – both external and internal.

  • Building relationships
  • Finding time to build relationships
  • Great communication skills – the key to relationships
  • Being pro-active in client/stakeholder communication
  • Where to from here?
9. Career Mentor and Aptitude Test (By BAIJU PAM)
  • Career Mentor- An experienced and trusted adviser.
  • Aptitude Test- A test designed to determine a person's ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge.
10. A life Changing NLP Practitioner Programs (By Hashik P K)
  • NLP is power full psychological techniques to tune your thought and behaviour.
  • Learn to use the power of your unconcious mind to make required changes in your life.

Topics and Techniques

  • History
  • Presuppositions
  • Changing personal history
  • Eye accessing cue
  • New behavior generator
  • Anchoring
  • Six step reframing
  • And many more...
Job Fest
Skill Development Programs.
1. Communication Skill Development
2. Presentation Skill Development
3. Group Discussion Skill Development
4. Public Speaking Skill Development
5. Leadership Skill Development

What is Mrchum.com

Mrchum.com is a website which provides Articles,News for Success in Life and Business,Carrier,Job related matters,Tips for helping Public exams, information relating to Training and Job fest conducted by MrChum


To build the human excellence through training, mentoring, coaching for self development personal and professional transformation


To be a global provider of training mentoring and coaching

To provide Soft skills, Life coaching,Training of exceptional quality and impact full learning, Job portal

Our Trainers

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